About Collective Apparel

    Collective Apparel has grown to be one of the leading Private label Developers in Los Angeles specializing in Full Package Denim, Private Label, and Knit/Woven goods. At Collective Apparel we strive to offer our customers assistance in every aspect of production process. With the ability to deliver more than 15,000 domestic production units weekly in our Full Package Denim facility, Collective Apparel is committed to delivering Quality & Consistency time and time again. As we plan to grow and develop a working relationship with you and your company, Collective Apparel has stood by our no production minimum policy since day One. So whether your production is 12 pieces or 20,000 pieces our skilled development and production team is here to assist you. Collective Apparel’s tailored one on one experience has been a proven formula in successful Garment Production with the upmost standard of quality.
Collective Apparel is located just South of Downtown Los Angeles. We currently have over 90 sewing operators and 125 sewing machines running in our 10,000 sf facility as well as an in house graphic department and pattern development. Specializing in Full Package Denim, Collective apparel has a close working relationships with Domestic and Import Denim Mills to fit your price point and target market. Please take advantage of our worry free consultation and find out how we can help your business grow today.